The Stress and Health Research Program is dedicated to understanding the impact of stress on physical and psychological health.

Some of our studies are testing treatments, such as drugs or pieces of equipment, to find out what works best. Others offer an opportunity to get in-depth health information and screenings at no cost. We cannot predict the outcomes of a study or if it will directly benefit you, so it is always important that you weigh all risks and benefits when participating in a study. 

Current research topics address a full continuum of care and support throughout the lifespan. For Soldiers and Veterans, our research spans from recruitment, training, and combat; through return and readjustment to civilian life; to the effects of aging across the lifespan. Because stress occurs in and out of combat, our studies may be seeking veteran or civilian subjects at all points of adult life. The Stress and Health Research Program is dedicated to the understanding of individuals’ experiences, with the intent of developing and testing effective and meaningful treatments.